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Why hire a celebrant?

Many couples want to get married in a church (like I did), or in another religious setting and of course there's nothing wrong with that!  However, with a celebrant you can have a much more personal ceremony that includes exactly what you want,  where you want it, free from limits or restrictions.


A celebrant wedding is not legally binding (you do the legal bit at the Registrar Office beforehand (in Derby this costs approximately £35).  This is good news because we're then free of all the rules and regulations of a registrar.


Want me to tell your love story to the world?  You've got it!  Dreaming of a sand ceremony which will symbolise the blending together of your two lives into one?  No problem!  Want to get married dressed as Game of Thrones characters?  This will not faze me!  Write your own vows or work on them with me - it's your choice.  Include readings, poems, music, add in a religious element if you wish, hold it in your garden, on the side of a mountain, during the day or under the stars - all your prerogative. 


Your Day - Your Way!