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Weddings in Derbyshire

Why not choose to get married in Derbyshire? It's one of the most beautiful counties in the England with rolling hills and amazing scenery. There are so many great venues - here you'll find a selection of some rustic ones that are perfect for a celebrant-led wedding:



In case you're not sure whether Derbyshire has enough to offer, check out this poem:

The future's bright in Derbyshire Where past and present meet, From castles, trams, and ancient mills To vibrant city streets. Along the valleys, through the towns the Derwent makes its way, Full of hope and promise At the dawn of each new day.

The future's bright in Derbyshire Where aspirations grow, Where vision takes us forward And fresh ideas flow. By pioneers gone before us Such as Whittle, Strutt, Rolls, Royce, Tomorrow's world will be inspired As new life finds its voice.

MacArthur, Wright and Nightingale With Clough and Stephenson too Have taught our sons and daughters To shine in all they do. We're not about just peaks and dales Nor chateaus for the blessed, But nature's gifts and legacies Inspire us to be best.

So native folk of Derbyshire, Stand tall and shout it loud. Our people, minds and heritage Are things that make us proud. No other county's quite like ours - So much past beneath your feet... But the future's bright in Derbyshire. It takes a lot to beat.

Created for National Poetry Day by various including Cathy Grindrod, Derbyshire, 2005 from: http://www.bbc.co.uk/derby/content/articles/2005/10/05/poetry_day_derbyshire_poem_2005_feature.shtml