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Is marriage just a piece of paper?

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Some people don't want to get married, saying "marriage is just a piece of paper, we don't need that - we're already happy". So why do people ever decide to take the plunge at all? Is it an excuse for a party, a special day, that 'dream wedding'? Or is it to have a ceremony to formally commit to one another and show the world that you love one another and you're together forever? If people don't get married does it mean the converse of all the above? Or do they just not believe in it, maybe they don't want the commitment or actually they can't afford it!

I wonder how it works if there's a couple and one wants to get married but the other one doesn't? How do they decide? There'll always be one half of the partnership happy with their current arrangement and one half not. And it's too big a 'thing' to just flip a coin over and let fate decide! I don't know the answers to these questions, our views are so personal to us and there's no 'one size fits all' answer, no right and wrong.

I'm wondering if there's a need for a less formal, private, non-official ceremony that might help couples bridge the gap in all the questions above. Would anyone be interested in this? I would be happy to talk through some options with you. Get in touch and we'll have a chat. Katie Durie - Independent Celebrant - Special Day Ceremonies Ltd, Tel: 07733 056622